Review of 2006 Rosewood Gallery "The View" entry

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Review of 2006 Rosewood Gallery "The View" entry
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Excerpted from the 6/25/06 Dayton (Ohio) Daily News:

Lovin' landscapes; Work of area artists a view into what they see outside of their windows Ron Rollins Staff Writer.

Copyright Dayton Newspapers Inc. Jun 25, 2006

KETTERING -- What else can one do with the landscape? It's the most basic of artist subjects, done so often by so many people for so many years that it may seem prosaic by now.

But give it a chance, as the artists have done who entered this year's "The View," Rosewood Gallery's annual competition for Ohioans inspired by what they see outside their studio windows. "The View" has long been one of the area's most appealing, eye-catching shows, and one of the few that puts Dayton-area painters and sculptors up against their counterparts from around the state. This year's is as lively as ever.

Among the highlights:


Joe Stoner of Cincinnati smartly plays with the difference between being inside and being outside in his photograph Winter Storm View From Inside Graeter's. From inside the store, he looks out onto a bitterly snowy street, while the neon ice-cream- cone signage reflects in the glass that is the barrier between warmth and cold. It's the picture that
defines the show, acting as a sort of accidental centerpiece -- for without the chance to retreat indoors, how much would we all be in love with landscapes, after all?